Assistance and information on installing, updating software and troubleshooting software. Also see for software distribution at UD.

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Backup software (limited licenses available) for use on University-owned machines or faculty/staff machines being used for University business.


The University of Delaware's central, general-purpose, Solaris (UNIX) systems—Copland and Strauss—are used for many academic activities including course work, text processing, and scholarly research. Copland is used for e-mail, newsgroups, and web browsing; Strauss is used for work that involves programming.
Faculty, staff and students can access the University's UNIX operating systems in any on-campus computing site or from your own computer, either on or off campus (VPN connection required).

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Pinned Article New Streamlined Software Licensing Request Process

Details about the new streamlined process for requesting licenses of certain software products, including where to locate the request form and how to download the license key and installation instructions.

Make Me Admin

Make Me Admin allows users to temporarily operate their device in the Administrator role to install software and other admin tasks. This article covers how to use Make Me Admin on Windows computers.