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This article is a project overview for the migration of UD phone lines to Webex. It includes information about the project, process, and impact on users.
CrowdStrike Falcon provides enhanced endpoint protection to laptops, desktops, and servers owned by the University of Delaware. CrowdStrike Falcon software installed on these systems is managed by IT Professionals within each unit in partnership with UD Information Technologies.
To identify emails that may be spoofed or possible phishing attempts, UD Information Technologies is using both a feature in Gmail and an email phishing service for Exchange that will mark suspicious incoming email messages with warning banners. This article covers what to do with those messages and options for resolving warnings if your own messages are being marked.
Learn how to access Zoom and Microsoft Teams to make online meetings and communication between your colleagues and students easy.
Information on licensing and installing Office 365 for Education.
UD Information Technologies (UDIT) has a project underway to either migrate, provide alternative options, or eliminate services on the 15+ year-old hardware running on the Copland and Strauss servers.