Creating a New Project

You can use the Project / Workspaces app to manage operational work and internal projects within your team. This type of work does not require a Technology Request. However, before your team can start using the Project / Workspaces app, you will need to submit a Technology Request to set up your access.

How to create a new project
Why would you want to create a new project type?
Strategic Goals
Saving the Project

How to create a new project

  1. In the Projects / Workspaces app in TDNext, select the +New button at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Project from the dropdown. The New Project window opens.
  3. Enter the Project Name.
  4. Enter the Type, or click the magnifying glass icon to see all available types.
    1. The Type attribute determines which project attributes display in the project details.
    2. The PMO type is primarily used for projects created from the Technology Request form.
    3. Other teams can request a new Type to be created to either add additional project attributes or hide attributes displayed in the PMO type.
    4. The window updates to reflect the attributes associated with the selected Type.
  5. Update all applicable attributes.

Why would you want to create a new project type?

Using a unique type for projects allows for additional project attributes to be created and displayed without impacting other teams. This permits each team to customize their attribute view in order to better track specific details for reporting (i.e. add new attributes or hide existing ones).

Note: For PMO reporting, some attributes are required and cannot be hidden. Please reach out to for additional details on creating a unique Type for your team.

Strategic Goals

You can use the Advanced section (the collapsible section at the bottom of the New Project window) to assist with capturing details on your project for UDIT Strategic Goal reporting.

  1. Click the down arrow to open the Advanced section.

  2. Select the magnifying glass for the Portfolio and Program attributes.

  3. Select the appropriate value for your project.

creating a new project strategic goals advanced attributes

Saving the project

  1. When all attributes are populated, click Save. The window refreshes to display your project details. 

  2. Review the Project Initiation article for next steps.

When the new project has been created and saved, it is issued a Project ID number which displays under the project name.