Sponsor Canvas@UD and WordPress@UD Guest Accounts (faculty and staff)


UD faculty and staff can sponsor external users for access to Canvas@UD and WordPress@UD.

The process involves three steps:

  1. The sponsor logs in to the Canvas and Word Press Guest Accounts web form and provides the guest's email address.
  2. The guest receives and an email explaining how to activate the account.
  3. Once the account is activated, faculty and staff can add the guest account to their sites.


Who can sponsor guest accounts?

Only full-time UD faculty and staff can sponsor guest accounts. Part-time or contractual employees do not have access to the service. If you can't use the service, you can ask a colleague in your department to sponsor the guest accounts for you.


How many guest accounts can I sponsor?

We have set the limit high enough to cover most of your needs. If you reach the limit, contact the IT Support Center.


The guest management interface for sponsors

The interface consists of three parts:

  1. My Sponsored guest Accounts

    This section lists all your currently sponsored guests and the services they can access. This is also where you can manage your guests.

  2. My Pending Invitations

    This section is only visible when appropriate. It shows the invitations that have not yet been accepted by your guests. Invitations are valid for 30 days.

  3. Sponsor a Guest Account
    • When you create a guest account, you automatically become a "sponsor" of this guest. Each guest account needs one active UD staff or faculty member to sponsor it at any time. Guests must comply with UD's Responsible Computing Policy at all times.

    • Provide an email address, choose one or more of the available services, and send the invitation.

    • If the email address is already associated with a current account, your guest will be notified shortly by email. The email will include links to the services and information on how to get help.

    • If the email address is not already associated with an account, your guest will receive the invitation by email to set their name, password, and security questions. The account will not be active until the sponsored guest has completed the registration process.

    • Make sure that the email address provided is valid, or else your guest will not receive the invitation or be able complete the registration process.


Canvas Guest Account Bulk Upload

Administrators may upload a spreadsheet to create multiple guest accounts for Canvas. A bulk upload spreadsheet needs to be a .csv or .xls file with the following three columns.

  • Column 1 should contain the guest email address. Use format xxx@xxx.xxx
  • Column 2 should contain the service start date. Use format mm/dd/yyyy
  • Column 3 should contain the service expiration date. Use format mm/dd/yyyy


When will the guest account be ready to use?

As soon as your guest has completed the registration process, the account is considered active (i.e. your guest will be able to log in). Depending on the service, additional delays or action may be required.

For Canvas:

  • Active guest accounts will be provided access to Canvas overnight. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the synchronization process to happen.

  • You can give your guest access to one or more of your Canvas@UD sites. To add the guest account:

    1. Click People on the course navigation window.

    2. Click Add People and choose the appropriate role.

    3. Type the complete email address as the username.

For WordPress:

  • Active guest accounts will be provided access to WordPress overnight. Allow 24 hours for the synchronization process to happen.

  • As the site Administrator, you can give your guest access to one or more of your WordPress@UD sites. To add the guest account:
    1. Click Users on the navigation menu.

    2. On the Add New User window, click Add Existing User.

    3. Type the user name (it will be their email address).

    4. Assign a Role to the guest.

    5. Click the "Add Existing User" button.


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