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How to find requests you submitted or are a contact on in TeamDynamix.
Instructions for how to find Tasks and Approvals assigned to you and your group in TDNext and the Client Portal.
How to add comments to a technology request ticket.
Overview of how to complete assigned Tasks and Approvals for a technology request.
Instructions for reviewers and approvers to complete Workflow Tasks in TDNext.
Overview of the reasons for submitting a Technology Request and the submission process for a Requester.
Overview of the workflow and process for reviewers and approvers assigned to a technology request.
Overview of the Workflow Stages and Workflow Steps that must be completed before a technology request can be finalized.
Overview of what information to include in your technology request including contact information, solution funding, and other details.
Watch this video for an overview of how submit, view, and manage a technology request.
How to submit the Technology Request form.
How to view and update your technology request ticket.
Overview of what information is included on the request Details page and how you can view and manage your request.
How to add attachments to a technology request ticket.
How to set up alerts for a technology request ticket.