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This article provides information about the different Microsoft software licensed for use at the University of Delaware.

Microsoft servcies, applications, and licences are constantly being evaluated for use at UD. If a specific Microsoft application or service that would help you work more productively is not listed on this page, email and ask UD IT to evaluate it.

Local Microsoft services at UD

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365

The University of Delaware has licensed several components of Microsoft Office 365 for the University community and has licensed other versions of Microsoft Office for UD-owned systems. Access to different Microsoft Office applications depends on your status at the University (student, faculty member, staff member) and on the device you are using (kind of device; UD-owned or personally owned).


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Microsoft Teams is a cloud based chat and collaboration-based platform available to all current University of Delaware faculty, staff, and students through UD's Office365 subscription.
The University of Delaware is participating in the Microsoft Office 365 for Education program