Usernames, UDelNet IDs, and UD IDs

Using the UD CAS screen, you can log in to UD secured systems using either a Username (UDelNet ID or email address) or UD ID.


The Username text box on the CAS login page accepts three identifiers to log in to secured UD systems:

  • a student or employee's UDelNet ID
  • a student or employee's email address (
  • a student or employee's UD ID
  • a non-UD email address associated with a parent/guardian or guest account

Use your UDelNet password with your Username.


UDelNet IDs

Students, faculty, and staff can type their UDelNet IDs in the CAS Username text box to log in to secured UD systems.

  • Your UDelNet ID is an alphabetic username that you also use as your main UD email address (as in (More information about Your UDelNet account.)
  • Your UDelNetID must be 8 or fewer characters.
  • The CAS system will also accept your email address.
  • The CAS system will also accept your UD ID.
  • Your UDelNet password should consist of 12 or more characters and must pass certain security checks. To ensure the security of personal information, your UDelNet password must be kept strictly confidential. (More information about UDelNet passwords.)



Your UD ID is a unique 5- or 9-digit number that identifies you, whether you're a student, employee, applicant for admission, UD alumnus or alumna, or former UD student. Every employee, student, or applicant for admission is assigned a UD ID.

  • Your UD ID is sometimes referred to as a "Student ID" or "EMPLID" (employee ID).
  • Students' UD IDs will remain active for access to UD student information after a student graduates or is no longer enrolled at UD.
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