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Pinned Article Technology Request Tutorial Video

Watch this video for an overview of how to submit, view, and manage a technology request.

Technology Request Overview for Reviewers and Approvers

Overview of the workflow and process for reviewers and approvers assigned to a technology request.

Completing assigned Tasks and Approvals

Overview of how to complete assigned Tasks and Approvals for a technology request.

Completing Workflow Tasks in TDNext

Instructions for reviewers and approvers to complete Workflow Tasks in TDNext.

Completing Approval Steps

Instructions for how to complete an approval step in TDNext or the Client Portal.

Finding Tasks and Approvals Assigned to You

Instructions for how to find Tasks and Approvals assigned to you and your group in TDNext and the Client Portal.

Creating and running reports in TDNext

Instructions for how to create reports for Tasks and Approvals assigned to your group.

Adding reports to your Desktop

Instructions for how to add reports to your Desktop in TDNext.