Completing Workflow Tasks in TDNext

A Workflow Task is only available for you to complete within TDNext (NOT in the Client Portal), so be sure that you login and navigate to the ticket in TDNext.

  1. You will receive an email notification from UD Services ( Click the link in the email to open the request.

  2. Review the request Details, Feed, and Workflow Task assigned to you. 

    • The Workflow Task displays on the right side of the page under Current Activities.

    • You can see when the task is due and who is assigned to it.

  3. Complete your task and provide comments in the Feed as necessary.

  4. When you’ve completed your task, click Mark Complete.

    • Unlike an Approval Step, you will not be promoted to enter a comment after you mark the task as completed.

screenshot showing current workflow tasks in TDX


Follow these instructions for Completing Approval Steps.


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