Creating and running reports in TDNext

Creating reports for Tasks and Approvals assigned to your group

The UDIT Project Management Office has created a report template that can be copied and configured to pull in all tasks and approvals assigned to you and your group (example: Windows System Engineering, Governance Risk and Compliance, etc.). 

To create a report for a Task or Approval using a template:

  1. Log into TDNext.

  2. Click on the waffle icon at the upper-left side of the page.

  3. Click on the Tickets icon. The Tickets tab opens at the top of the page.
    screenshot showing the Tickets tab in TDNext

  4. On the left-hand side, scroll down to IT Technology Request Reports

  5. Click one of the reports that has “Template” at the end of its name (for example: My Group and My Technology Request Approvals - Template). 
    A prompt displays on the right side of the page with the default Responsible Group name.
    screenshot of the IT Technology Request Reports prompt in TDNext

  6. Click Actions, then select Copy from the drop-down menu.
    A prompt displays where you can change the name of the report.
    screenshot showing the actions menu for a report in TDNext

  7. Click Save at the top of the page when you are done.
    DO NOT select the “Copy visibility Permissions?” checkbox as this makes the report available to everyone. You should only make the report available to you or your group.
    screenshot showing the Copy Report prompt in TDNext

    A prompt displays confirming that you have copied the report successfully and providing options for what to do next.
    screenshot showing the Report Copied Successfully screen in TDNext

  8. Click View the new report to edit the report. You need to edit the report and change the filter to only pull in records that are assigned to your group. 

  9. Scroll down to the Add filtering to your report section.

  10. Update the filter Value(s) to select the appropriate Resp Group

    1. Uncheck the Prompt checkbox in the Options Column. Having a prompt will make you select the responsible group every time you want to run the report. You can leave this selected if you are associated with multiple groups.

    2. To update the filter with your group, click the Clear () icon to remove the default group name in the prompt that was copied from the original report. 

    3. Click the Search () icon to launch a window to search for and select your group.
      TDX screen with options to add filtering to your report

  11. Scroll down to the Choose a report folder section. 
    TDX screen to choose a report folder

    1. Click Add () to create a new folder to save your report in, or select an existing folder.

  12. To share the report, scroll down to the Set the visibility of this report section.

    1. To add the groups you want to have the visibility of the folder, select Me and people in these Groups.
      TDX screen to set the visibility of the report

  13. When you have finished configuring the report, click Save at the top of the page.

    • You can find the new report saved on the left side under the folder you have created or selected (example: My Group Report). 

    • You can also add reports to your desktop

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