Technology Request Overview for Reviewers and Approvers

This documentation is for users who are required to take action on Workflow Tasks or Approval Steps in the Technology Request process. Most reviewers will have either a Task or Approval step assigned to them; others may be asked to simply review and add a comment to the Feed. For a brief overview of the process, watch this Technology Request Tutorial.

If you have questions, email the IT Project Management Office at

University of Delaware Information Technology (UDIT) is providing a Technology Request process to assist University members with pursuing technology solutions that help the enterprise or individual units fulfill business needs while meeting University security, accessibility, policy, and other compliance standards. This pathway offers clear time frames and communication checkpoints, along with consultation, technology expertise, support from UDIT and other campus collaborators; Procurement, Office of General Counsel, etc.

The requester will submit the Technology Request form whenever there is a need to:

  • Purchase a new technology solution,

  • Renew an existing technology solution,

  • Assess / consult on potential technology solutions or business processes (for example, pursue an RFP / RFI, engage in technical discovery, or ready to launch a project with technology components),

  • Request UDIT specialist support for integration assistance, or

  • Request to add-on/plug-in/extension for an existing technology solution. 

The IT-PMO will assign reviewers / approvers according to the need of the request (such as Discovery meeting, Funds approval, Security review, etc.)


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