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Support Center activates UDelNet ID account.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the MY UD Settings: Forgot My Password form.

UD 2FA (two factor authentication) uses two factors to verify you are who you say you are. MFA (Microsoft multi factor authentication) uses two factors to verify your access to Microsoft apps at UD.

My Blue Hen Home is a custom portal as an undergraduate applicant to the University of Delaware and is the gateway to register for Admissions events, apply to UD, and update your contact information.

Parents/Guardians can use the Parent/Guardian Secure Services application to view information shared by the student.

Request access, revision of role permissions, or removal of access to UD services that are restricted.

Access information about wireless internet access for short term, frequent visitors to campus, longer term wireless and wired internet access for sponsored guests and UDelNet ID and UD resouce access for University Department sponsored guests.

Your access to many UD resources requires you to log in using UD's Central Authentication Service (CAS). Log in using either your Username (UDelNet ID, UD ID, or email address) and password or your UD ID and PIN.

Information about UDelNet accounts.

Accounts that can be used for a services or an applications.

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Requesting a UD Account

The University of Delaware has several methods for obtaining a UD Account. Each method serves a specific purpose and provides access to different University resources. This article covers the options available to request.