Requesting a UD Account

The University of Delaware has several methods for obtaining a UD Account. Each method serves a specific purpose and provides access to different University resources. Read each option carefully and select the option that best applies.

Osher Lifelong Learning students: Email

Library patrons: Community members 18 years of age and older who are frequent visitors to the UD Library can register for a free Library ONEcard that provides building entry through the turnstiles. For more information, please contact the UD Library

Spouses: Spouses of University faculty and staff are also eligible for a UD ONEcard, provided the University-affiliated individual is eligible. For spouse UD Account requests, please have the University-affiliated individual complete the Request Spouse ID Card form.

Sponsored Accounts: Contractors, faculty collaborators, and other affiliated groups may be granted a UD Account by a UD department, if needed for University-related activities. To request an account, please ask your University employee contact to complete the Request a UD Account form.

Department ID Cards: Visiting scholars, temporary employees, special groups and other department associates may also be eligible for a ‘Department card’ upon request by their unit. These ‘Department’ cards may be requested by filling out the Department Card Request Form.

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