Google and M365 Storage Project Overview

In 2021, Google introduced a change that ended unlimited storage for higher education institutions. Starting in late 2024, Google will enforce storage limits. Microsoft (M365) also announced changes to its higher education licensing in August 2023, which will affect Microsoft 365 storage in mid-2024.

A data storage project is underway to collaborate with high-storage users and other stakeholders from across UD to identify solutions for data reduction and migration that best meet the needs of the institution.

The data storage project group will continue its work in the months ahead and will continue to update the campus community.



Project Purpose

The UD Google and M365 Storage Project has been initiated to seek input from high-storage users and other stakeholders from across UD and identify solutions for data reduction and migration that best meet the needs of the institution. Faculty and staff interested in participating in the project can submit a request for more information.

The project team will update this page as the project progresses.

Project Timeline

Google Storage project timelne

Project Stakeholders

The following groups are stakeholders on the Google and M365 Storage Project.
Note: This list is not representative of everyone who is involved in the project.

  • Information Technologies
  • Human Resources
  • Student Life
  • Library, Museums and Press
  • Departmental IT Groups
  • South Campus IT
  • CAS-IT
  • CEHD/Office of Educational Technology
  • COE-IT
  • DAR-IT



Below are some common questions regarding the Google and M365 Storage project. If you have additional questions about the project, reach out to your unit’s IT Professional, or you can share feedback via this form

I was told I had unlimited storage in Google Drive. Why do I see a limit now?

Google is ending their free, unlimited storage offering for higher education. To ensure UD is in compliance with this new requirement, UDIT has implemented initial storage limits to reign in storage growth until final storage limits are in place.

How will the Microsoft changes affect UD?

Microsoft is ending its policy of offering low-cost, abundant storage and will impose strict data limits on higher educational institutions. UD will set individual storage limits designed to keep UD under its institutional limit.

What happens if I am over my storage limit?

If you are currently over the forthcoming storage limits, UDIT will be reaching out to you with additional information and next steps. To prepare for this conversation, make note of any files, folders, or email that you may no longer need. 

Google: You can still view any files already in your My Drive, but you can’t add or edit files until you're under your storage limit or have been approved for a storage limit increase. Shared files that you own will be read-only for anyone attempting to access those files. 

Note: Your UD GMail counts towards your storage limit. If you go over your storage limit, you will continue to be able to send and receive emails through your Gmail account. 

Microsoft: Each M365 service will be impacted differently. If you exceeded your Microsoft Exchange storage limit, you cannot receive or send email.

Learn more about the impact for each service.

How do I get help?

Complete this form for questions and assistance regarding your Google Drive or M365 storage. 



If you or your clients have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Google and M365 Storage project committee by completing this form.

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Active students, faculty and staff and in some cases eligible former staff may request storage increases for some Google and M365 services.