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All University of Delaware Exchange Online users have the option to automatically or manually archive mailbox items through Microsoft Office 365.  When these items are archived, they reside on Microsoft servers and are available from Microsoft Outlook (Windows) and Microsoft Outlook on the Web (OWA).  At the moment, the Online Archive is not accessible from macOS Outlook 2016 or macOS Mail.  MacOS users can only access the Online Archive feature using the web based client,

Archiving Exchange items can help with email management. Items stored in an archive also do not count against your Exchange quota, so archiving is an efficient way to store older items that are accessed infrequently.

There are two methods of archiving items:

  1. Manual Archiving - Items are moved to a folder in the archive using drag-and-drop by the user.  It's often a good idea to keep the same folder names to avoid confusion.  Items can also be dragged from the archive back to the Exchange server as needed.  You can drag and drop entire folders at a time.
  2. Automatic Archiving - Folders or your entire account can be set to automatically archive items as they age.  For example, you can set your inbox to archive everything after one year and set adjacent or sub-folders to archive at different intervals.
By using manual or automatic archiving, you acknowledge and accept the following terms:
  • Any data moved to the Exchange Online Archive will be hosted off premises and under the supervision of Microsoft Corporation.
  • The University does not back up the Exchange Online Archive and cannot access the Exchange Online Archive data.
  • However, Microsoft keeps multiple copies of this data in different datacenters. Any email in the archive is retained in recoverable items for at least 30 days after deletion.
  • It is your responsibility to keep backups of your Exchange Online Archive data.
  • Before leaving UD employment or changing to another email service, such as Google, you will need to back up your data if you wish to retain it.
  • When you leave University employment or if you change to another email service, the Exchange Online Archive will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Learn how to use Exchange Automatic Archiving.


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