Increase Google/M365 Limit

Who can use it?

Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni that have been previously employed at UD in a research capacity.

What is it?

Active students, faculty and staff and in some cases eligible former staff may request storage increases for some Google and M365 services. Former staff must have their work supervisor submit the request.

Those who request increased limits must meet the requirements listed in the UD Google Storage Limits or M365 Storage Limits knowledge article before submitting this request form.

Alumni who have been previously employed at UD in a research capacity can request up to 50GB of storage within their Google account.  A P.I. can also sponsor sup to 100GB of storage (request must be submitted by the P.I.)

Where to get it?

Click on the green Submit Increase Google/M365 Limit Request button on the right panel.

How to use it?

  • If submitting this form on behalf of someone else, indicate the name of the person the request is for. 
  • Indicate whether the request is for a Google My Drive or Shared Drive, or a Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, Teams site, or SharePoint site. Note: If the request is for a Shared Drive or M365 Teams/SharePoint site, you must include the URL. Requests must meet requirements for storage increases for the service: Google / Microsoft.

Coming spring 2024: For applicable populations a payment option will be available to request over 500 GB of Shared Drive and/or M365 Teams/SharePoint storage.

What are the charges, options & fees?

Depending on the requested storage increase, there may be a charge for this service. See Related Articles for details.

Submit Increase Google/M365 Limit Request

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