Network & Server Infrastructure

Wireless, Internet, Server, and Data Center services

Services (14)

Active Directory

Active directory is an advanced, hierarchical Microsoft directory service used to store and retrieve data about users, groups, computers, printers, resources, buildings, etc.

Cable TV Request

Request for Cable TV service

Card Reader Request

Request Card Readers programmed for your event

CDDA Operational Requests

Operational requests for the CDDA Virtual Machines/Studies

Computer Operations Request

Requests to the Computer Operations Group in Chapel Street

Data Center - Server Room Equipment Hosting Request

Request equipment hosting in UDIT Server Room

Data Storage Management

Storage management is the method by which organizations ensure data integrity, access, policy/regulation compliance, and effective storage resource use. It provides the capabilities to provision, configure, back up, and monitor data storage infrastructure to prevent data loss, performance slowdowns, and access problems.


Issues connecting to eduroam

Microsoft Unified Suppport

Microsoft Unified Support provides access to technical support , on demand risk assessments, and advisory calls to discuss capabilities

Network Service Request

Service to support move from Network Services app to Tickets app

Point of Sale Support

Support for point of sale hardware and software used for processing a transaction and payment


A virtual private network (VPN) enables users to to allow remote users to access corporate applications and resources as if their computing devices were directly connected to the UDel network.


Access to the internet and UDel resources