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2023 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement - Senior Administrators

2023 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement - Trustees

403(b) Authorization for Summer Income

To ensure the University's accessibility requirements are met before purchasing new technology or renew an existing technology contracts, an accessibility review is required

Active directory is an advanced, hierarchical Microsoft directory service used to store and retrieve data about users, groups, computers, printers, resources, buildings, etc.

Request support for Anaplan application

Athletics can request support from UMS with this request

The auto termination process monitors employees in the system; employees with no payment activity after 6 months are automatically terminated to manage active employee status information. UD Departments may request an exception to the process by submitting the Auto Term Exception Request

Complete this form if there are current discrepancies in UD Time regarding an employee’s Vacation/Sick balance

Request for Cable TV service