Active Directory

Who can use it?

IT Providers

What is it?

Active directory is an advanced, hierarchical Microsoft directory service used to store and retrieve data about users, groups, computers, printers, resources, buildings, etc.  Active Directory can be used to store information about objects, assign access to network resources, send emails to a group of people, and much more.


Where to get it?

IT Professionals can request a new Organizational Unit (OU) in Win Domain or request the addition of a new OU admin by clicking on the applicable Request Link


How to use it?

Requests will be submitted to the Windows Systems Engineering group for resolution 

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



Add a new OU Admin Request new OU in WIN Domain


Service ID: 284
Thu 10/28/21 3:51 PM
Thu 12/2/21 10:40 AM
Service Type
The IT Strategic Plan identified three types of Services: Core, Consortium and Specialized

Service Offerings (2)

Add a new OU Admin
Request to create a new organization unit (OU) administrator
Request new OU in WIN Domain
For when an IT pro wants a new top level (under /University) OU in the WIN domain.