Data Storage Management

Who can use it?

Students, Faculty, Staff

What is it?

Storage management is the method by which organizations ensure data integrity, access, policy/regulation compliance, and effective storage resource use. It provides the capabilities to  provision, configure, back up, and monitor data storage infrastructure to prevent data loss, performance slowdowns, and access problems.

Where to get it?

Click on the data storage offering that best meets your needs from the offerings on the right side page


How to use it?

The university provides a variety of data storage offerings to support personal, department, unit data storage needs. 

What are the charges, options & fees?

The university provides no charge and cost based storage offerings



Request AzDFS Service Azure Archive Submit Increase Google/M365 Limit Request Request SharePoint Online


Service ID: 375
Mon 6/26/23 10:40 AM
Mon 2/5/24 9:52 AM
Service Type
The IT Strategic Plan identified three types of Services: Core, Consortium and Specialized

Service Offerings (4)

AzDFS Service
Azure Backed Win Domain Files Services (AzDFS) is a subscription-based, native Windows storage solution offered by UDIT that allows University departments to locally manage University information. This service incurs chargebacks,
Azure Archive
Azure Archive Storage (also called Azure Blob storage) is a cloud based service that allows for archival of data in a low cost format.
Increase Google/M365 Limit
Active students, faculty and staff and in some cases eligible former staff may request storage increases for some Google and M365 services.
SharePoint Online
Microsoft SharePoint Online is a web-based application that allows working groups to collaborate online using a web browser.