Project Initiation

Projects are either created as a result of a Technology Request or directly within the Projects / Workspaces app (see Creating a New Project). This article provides a breakdown of the components within your project that you should be aware of during Project Initiation.

Accessing TeamDynamix

Project - is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result ( TDNext provides the tools needed to manage a project; these tools are outlined in this article.

Workspaces - acts and functions similarly to Projects but with fewer available actions and less administration and management overhead. Workspaces function as collaborative platforms but do not have the functionality to schedule plans (start/end dates, tasks, percentage complete, etc.). The following Workspace features are supported in the same way as the Projects application:

  • Feed
  • Members (referred to as Resources on Projects)
  • Announcements
  • Briefcase
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Document Workflows
  • Issues
  • Links
  • Workspace-level time entry
  • Workspace-level resource scheduling

Accessing TeamDynamix

You can access TDX with a web browser and log in with your CAS credentials.

TDX Client Portal: 



Many of the components described in this article are also displayed as shortcuts on the left navigation. The view may vary depending on your role in the project or workspace.

PM View

PM view in TDX navigation

Team Member View

Team Member View in TDX navigation


Project Details

  • Displays Project Manager names, Status details (Project Status, % Complete), the most recent changes, and other details from the Project Request.
  • PMs can use the Update button to update the Status, Health, and Percent Complete.

See Project Status and Health for more details.


  • Only visible and editable by the Project Manager.
  • Displays details about the project.
    • Able to update details about the project, like Project Name.
  • Make sure the following fields are updated (if applicable). 
    • Start Date & tentative End Date
    • Project Update Date & Project Update (these values should be updated weekly or bi-weekly for Senior Leadership review)
    • Description
    • Project Benefits
    • Actual Start & Actual Finish (once project is completed)
      Note: Make sure other required fields are updated


  • Only visible and editable by the Project Manager.
  • Can modify what Components display and other settings specific to your project.
  • Determines who can see the project details.

Note: See Viewing Projects in TDX to learn more about how project details display to different types of users.

Important: Projects should NEVER be visible to all users, specifically users that are not logged in.

setting client portal visibility


  • Can make comments visible (public) or not visible (private).
  • Can send messages to other project members or stakeholders. 
    Note: In order for someone to receive notification of a comment, the Notify field must be populated.
    Tip: When in doubt, notify all team members.
    project feed notifications
  • Can see status changes and edits, if selected.
    Note: Only project-level updates are displayed here. Updates related to tasks, issues, and risks must be viewed in their applicable components.
  • Can reply to email notifications from the Feed, which will automatically capture the details in the Feed.
    Note: If someone replies to a feed notification via email and includes an additional CC, the feed will not capture who was CC’d. However, if the CC’d individual also replies to the email, those details will be captured in the feed log.
    Note: Attachments included in a feed notification reply will NOT be uploaded into the project or captured in the feed log.


  • Previously used during the project intake review process to help prioritize a request and determine risk impact.
  • Not usually needed for project management.

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