Viewing Projects in TeamDynamix

Client Portal (TDClient)
Client Portal Project Resource View
Client Portal Project Stakeholder or Published View

Client Portal (TDClient)

The Client Portal is where non-TDNext team members obtain information about the project. While they do not have access to TDNext, they can still be an active member of the project.

Client Portal users can access Projects/Workspaces using the menu link in the UD Service Portal.

There are three types of projects a non-TDX user can search for in TDX:

  • My Projects/Workspaces - displays any projects that you are a Resource or Stakeholder on.
  • Public Projects - projects that are visible to anyone whether the user is logged into the Service Portal or not (Projects should NEVER be public).
  • Published Projects - displays if the project is visible to anyone logged into the UD Service Portal.


Client Portal Project Resource view

A Resource on a project can view some of the major components of the project:

  • Details
  • Feed
  • Announcements
  • Briefcase
  • Contacts
  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Links
  • Plans

The ability to edit attributes in the Client Portal is dependent upon the user's access. For example, a TDNext user can edit and update an Issue in the Client Portal, whereas a TDClient user can only update it.
Client Portal Project Resource view

Client Portal Project Stakeholder or Published view

A Stakeholder can only view the Details page of the project; all other components are hidden from this user type.

This is also the same view for Published Projects.

Client Portal Project Stakeholder or Published view

For more information, watch the video Visibility of Projects in the Client Portal.

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