Sharing a Project Plan in Microsoft Teams

If you are using Microsoft Teams to manage your project and would like to view multiple Card Wall Plans in one place, you can add a view to easily share plans with the larger team.  

This also works for URLs shared from the Client Portal (i.e. Waterfall plans, the project website, etc.).

Displaying a Card Wall Plan in a TDNext project

  1. Copy the URL from TDNext to the clipboard.

  2. Open Microsoft Teams.

  3. At the top of the window, click the + symbol.

  4. Select Website and then paste the details.
    displaying a card wall plan - adding a tab

  5. Name the plan and paste the Card Wall URL, then select Save.
    Name a project plan and paste the Card Wall URL

The Card Wall plan is now visible from the top view of the team in Microsoft Teams.


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