Closing a Project

Once a project is completed, it is time to reflect on your project’s performance and capture knowledge that can be passed on to future projects to avoid duplication of effort or repetition of mistakes. It is also important to officially close the project in TDNext.  

Only the Project Manager or Alternative Project Manager has the ability to close out the project. 

UDIT-PMO recommends completing a Project Closure Report and Lessons Learned Report before closing the project in TDNext. 

How to close a project in TDNext
Finding closed projects
Additional information

How to close a project in TDNext

  1. In TDNext, review the General section to ensure all attributes reflect the correct information.
    1. Project Update Date
    2. Project Update
    3. Actual Start
    4. Actual Finish
  2. Confirm that other details about your project are also updated in TDNext.
    1. Is the Project Charter uploaded to the Briefcase?
    2. If using Google Shared Drive to save documentation, is the URL saved to the Links section?
    3. Are issues and project plan tasks completed?
    4. Has the Project Closure Report and Lessons Learned Report been saved to the Briefcase?
  3. In the Project Details section (of the Projects / Workspaces app), click the Actions dropdown.
  4. Click Close.

  5. Verify and update the necessary fields.

    1. Are all Tasks, Issues, and Risks closed/resolved?
      • If not, go back and review to ensure all items are completed.
      • You can quickly close any open items by selecting the checkbox next to the item and indicating the Closed Issue Status.
      • Note: Surveys are not currently available, so you can disregard the Request Feedback section.
    2. In the section Choose the close project status and health, make the following updates: 
      1. Select the radio button for Inactive: This will disallow users to add time and expenses on the Project.
      2. Update the Status dropdown.
      3. Update the Project Health.
      4. Confirm the Percent Complete.
      5. Add a Comment summarizing the project closure.
  6. Click Save.

    • The project will be updated and, once you click Refresh, it will no longer display in the Projects / Workspaces app.

Finding closed projects

There may be situations when you need to review your closed projects. The following are some ways you can do this:

PM Visibility

  1. In the Projects / Workspaces app, select Manage Projects/Workspaces on the left side of the screen.
    Finding closed projects PM Visibility running a report
  2. Select the Both (or Inactive) radio button next to the Search field to view both active and inactive projects.
  3. Click the Search button at the top of the screen.

Project Resource Visibility

  1. To find projects that you were either a PM or a project resource on, run the My Closed Projects Report.
  2. In the Projects / Workspaces app, click Reports on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select My Project Reports > My Closed Projects Report. Then, click the Run Report button.
    Project Resource Visibility - run report

TDNext Project Resource

Any project resource that is also a TDNext user can find the project details by adding the Project ID to the following URL. (This is a quick way to view active and inactive projects without having to perform a separate search.)

All Projects / Workspaces TDNext URLs follow the same format:  [services URL] + [project ID] or [] + [000].

Example (not a real project):

Finding the TDClient URL

If you know the Project ID, you can also easily find the TDClient URL. 

All Projects / Workspaces TDClient URLs follow the same format: [services URL] + [project ID] or [] + [000].

Example (not a real project):


Additional Information

For more details on how to view closed projects, watch the TeamDynamix video TDX Tips: Finding Closed Projects.

UDIT-PMO recommends adding the TDClient project URL to your Project Closure Report as a reference to the project after it is closed.


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