Bugzilla Overview

Information Technologies-Web Development (IT-WD) relies on an application called Bugzilla to report and keep track of project errors and changes (bugs). Managing projects in this way is preferable to personal phone calls or emails for several reasons:

  • The Bugzilla application empowers clients to be a partner in resolving bugs. At any time, a client can report a bug, add a comment, or change a bug status.

  • The bug reports supplement project documentation.

  • Bugs notify more than one IT-WD staff member so there is no concern for missed phone messages or lost emails.

  • The online forms are faster and more convenient then waiting to talk to a developer or programmer. (No phone tag!)

  • The entire project team is kept up-to-date on the application status.

  • Bugzilla improves the efficiency of managing the IT-WD workload. This means that we can handle more client projects and provide higher quality service.

To request a UD Bugzilla account, contact it-webdev@udel.edu

Log in to UD Bugzilla at www.udel.edu/bugzilla

Getting started:

Using Bugzilla:

Managing your bugs: