Bugzilla: Close a Bug Report

Bug reports generally go through these stages:

  • Report created

  • Fixed by an IT-WD programmer

  • Tested and verified by the bug reporter

  • Closed by the bug reporter

If you have tested the resolution provided by the IT-WD programmer and are satisfied that the bug is fixed as you specified, then you need to change the bug status to Closed. For compliance with our auditing procedures, all Bugzilla reports need to be marked as closed by the person who opened the report.

  1. The bug status must be set to resolved before it can be changed to closed.

  2. On the bug report that you are editing, find the Status line, just below the Additional Comments field.

  3. If the Status value is either "New" or "Assigned", you will first need to change it to "Resolved".

  4. When "Resolved" is selected, a second field is presented with the default value "Fixed". You may change this value if necessary, but most bugs are changed to the resolved status after testing has confirmed that the bug is fixed.

  5. Click the Save Changes button to update the status.

  6. The page will refresh to show that the bug was updated, and then you can change the status again to close the bug.

  7. Change the Status value to "Closed".

  8. Click the Save Changes button.

  9. No further action will be taken on the bug, unless it is reopened.