Bugzilla: Edit a preset query

A bug list is presented after you complete a search or click a link to one of your remembered searches. From the bug list, click the bug number in the ID column to view a bug report. If you are having any trouble locating the bug that you want, or if you are presented columns of extraneous information, then you may want to customize the bug list format.

Here are several ways to configure your search results:

  1. Sort: By default, the bug list is ordered by the ID column. To sort your search results by a different column, click on the column title.

  2. Long Format: To view your bug list in the long format, click on the Long Format button at the bottom of the list.

    Long format puts the complete bug text (including comments) from all of the reports in your list into one scrollable page. This may be helpful if you want to print out a copy of your bugs.

  3. Change Columns: To add or remove columns from your view, click on the Change Columns link at the bottom of the list.

    Move column names between the Available Columns and Selected Columns groups and click the Change Columns button. The names placed in the Selected Columns group will be shown on your view.


Other options available from the bug list page:

  • Change Several Bugs at Once: Check the bugs you want to edit, make your changes in the form fields, and click the Commit button.

  • Send Mail to Bug Owners: Opens an email composition window including all the email addresses listed in the Owner column.