UD Exchange Online: Requesting/Removing an Account

Requesting an account for new employees or those migrating from other systems

The UD Exchange Online service provides accounts to current University of Delaware employees only.

  1. Before an exchange account can be processed, new employees must be active in the HR system.
  2. Submit a UD Exchange Account Request Form to the IT Support Center. Include any extra resources needed, shared mailboxes, or public calendars with a list of access privileges (full or read only). The request form will generate an IT Support Center incident.
  3. IT migrating:
    1. Indicate this is a migration on the UD Exchange Account Request Form.

To fill out this form from off-campus, log in to the UD VPN.

  1. Clean up your email by deleting unnecessary messages.

  2. When you are notified that the Exchange account has been created, use these instructions to access your account. Contact your IT professional for assistance.

Individuals leaving the University

The University's contract with Microsoft permits only UD employees to maintain an Exchange Online account. Individuals cannot use the Exchange Online after leaving the University, regardless of the reason for termination or retirement. Mail can be migrated to Google Mail or can be saved to a file provided to the employee.

If you want to migrate your email to Google Mail, contact the IT Support Center to request migration assistance.

Removing an account

  1. Submit a Help Ticket Request to the IT Support Center or send an email to askit@udel.edu.
  2. Provide your name, department, and last day of employment.
  3. If you need to transfer Exchange data to another computer, you can export the data to a .pst file and copy it to external media on or before your last day of employment.