Web Forms Overview

  • Web Forms Menu Help
    (Help, Blanks, In Basket, Out Basket, Archives, Folders, Drafts, Log Out)

  • Required information: Symbol Key: Required Information
    A red star means that you must answer a question to complete the form.

  • To attach a file:

    • Click the Browse button to find the report you created on your computer.
    • A new window called File Upload will open.
    • Click on the file name to highlight the file you want, and then click the Open button.
    • The File Upload window will close, and you will see the path to your report.
    • You may click the Browse button again to choose a different file.
  • Form buttons Help
    (Previous step, Save & exit, Exit without saving, Next step, Finish & submit)

  • Routing & Authorization Help

  • Approver's Action Help
    (approve, add approver and return to me, return to previous approver, return to originator)


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