Web Forms Folders Help

Folders are a tool to help you organize your Archived forms. Links to similar forms can be grouped together in a Folder. Your forms will remain in your Archive, but you can find a form quickly by looking in its Folder for a link.

  • Manage Folders
    Manage Folders is where you will go to add a folder, add a subfolder, rename a folder, or delete a folder.

    The first time you click on the Folders tab, your only option is the Manage Folders link. To start using Folders, click on the Manage Folders link, enter a folder name, and click the Submit button. After you create one folder, you will be able to see the rest of the Manage Folders options.

  • My Folders
    Click on the My Folders link to see your folder structure. This will take you back to the Folders main page.

  • File Forms
    Click on the File Forms link to add a form to your folder. This will take you to the Archive.

    To file a form, click on the word "File" under the Action column, next to the form you wish to file. On the "File this form" page, check the folder(s) where you would like to add your form, and click the Update button.

    You will be returned to the Archive. To see your filed form, click on the Folders tab, and then click on the folder where your form is filed.

  • TIP
    If you feel lost, click the Folders tab to get to the Folders main page.


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