Web Forms Menu Help

  • Help:
    Manage your Web Forms setting through the Help menu.

  • Blanks:
    A list of the Web Forms available in alphabetical order. Click on a form name to begin your form.

  • In Basket:
    Forms appear in your In Basket if they need your attention or they are completed. Completed forms will have the "Role" column set as "Copy".

  • Out Basket:
    Check your Out Basket after a form is submitted to see the status of your form.

  • Archives:
    If you choose to remove completed forms from your In Basket, a copy will appear in your Archives.

  • Folders:
    You may choose to organize your Archived forms in Folders.

  • Drafts:
    If you click the Save & exit button, your form will be saved under the Drafts tab without being submitted. You may come back to your draft at any time to resume where you left off. Once you submit the draft, it no longer appears in the Drafts tab. You may also use your draft as a template to reuse again and again. NOTE: you must complete all required fields on the page before you are able to Save & exit. Failing to do so will result in data not being saved.

  • Log Out:
    Always use the Log Out tab to exit Web Forms.


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