Web Forms Drafts Help

Saving your web form as a template in Web Forms Drafts allows you to partially fill out a form that can then be used as a basis for submitting additional forms.

To save a form as a draft, open the desired form in Web Forms and fill out the information that is considered standard for your department. Once the fields are filled out, chose Save & exit. Some forms have fields that require a value in order to save this way. If you receive an error message when you choose Save & exit, fill out the field displayed in the error message and choose Save & exit again. This saves your form in your Drafts tab. The "Reference" for each form will display in the Drafts tab, just as it does in the Outbasket or Inbox. You will be able to change information when this form is used as a template.

To use the form as a template, log into Web Forms and select your Drafts tab. Choose the template you wish to use by selecting the appropriate checkbox. Using the buttons at the bottom, choose Use Selected Form as Template. This will open the partially completed form which you can then edit and submit.

The template will stay in the Drafts tab until you remove it, and can be used multiple times. To remove a template from the Drafts tab, select the checkbox next to the form you want to delete and choose the button labeled Remove selected forms.



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