Web Forms Button Help

  • Previous step:  Previous step

    This button will take you back to the last page in the form that you completed. You may edit the work you have done so far.

  • Save & exit (not submitted):  Save and exit

    This button will save the work you have done so far. Click on the "Drafts" tab in the Web Forms menu to continue working with your form. If you select the "Blanks" tab and click on a form name, you will be creating a new form. The work you completed previously will not appear.

    "Save & exit" does not submit your form. Your form is not complete until you have clicked the Finish & submit button on the last page of the form.

  • Exit without saving:  Exit without saving

    This button will cancel your form. The work you have done so far will not be saved.

  • Next step:  Next step

    This button moves you forward to the next page in the form.

  • Finish & submit:  Finish and submit

    This button, on the last page, submits your form. Review your form carefully before clicking Finish & submit. You will not be able to edit your work afterwards.


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