CrashPlan at UD

UD’s Central IT organization has purchased a limited number of licenses for Code42's backup software: CrashPlan. These CrashPlan licenses are for use on University-owned machines or faculty/staff machines being used for University business. Each license allows for installation by a single user on up to four devices.

The UD implementation is what Code42 calls a Hybrid Cloud implementation. All data is stored by Code42 CrashPlan in the cloud but is encrypted locally (on your machine) before being transferred. Only the user and a few designated UD IT personnel can restore data from the cloud location. The encryption keys are located on a server accessible to those University personnel; therefore, the vendor never possesses the encryption keys.

Files backed up using CrashPlan can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From the CrashPlan application, installed on a user’s workstation
  2. From the University’s CrashPlan server, accessible via any browser.

Because there is a web-based option, files can be retrieved from anywhere, onto any device, including phones, tablets, etc.

The University’s implementation of CrashPlan requires two-factor authentication (2FA) for both the local application and web access. Because of this added layer of security, a VPN connection is not required for off campus data backup or retrieval.

If you are interested in obtaining CrashPlan for your University-owned system, please contact your IT-Pro or the IT Support Center.

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