Modifying UD CrashPlan: systems and backup sets

Backing up additional devices

The University contract allows each user to backup up to four devices and allows unlimited storage per device. For further details, please contact your IT Professional or the IT Support Center, emailing, or calling (302) 831-6000.

Modifying Backup Sets

Warning: Unchecking selections DELETES ALL BACKUPS for those directories and drives.

Backup Sets can be modified in a manner similar to how they are created.

  1. Open Code42 CrashPlan and log in with your UDelNet ID, password, and 2FA code.
  2. Select Details on the machine whose backup set you would like to modify.
  3. Select Manage Files.
  4. Select Files to add more files and folders to the backup set.
    Note: You cannot modify the default backup set.

Important reminders:

  • When you select a folder, all contents of that folder and its subfolders will automatically be added to the backup set. No further action is required.
  • Remember: If you de-select a folder, the contents of that folder will be PERMANENTLY DELETED FROM EXISTING AND FUTURE BACKUPS.


Removing Machines from CrashPlan Backup

  1. Removing (Deauthorizing) a machine also PERMANENTLY REMOVES ALL BACKUPS of that machine.
  2. If you have installed CrashPlan on a machine but no longer need backups of that machine and/or need to backup a different machine without exceeding your four machine quota, please contact the IT Support Center, for assistance.



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