Setting up UD CrashPlan

CrashPlan is installed on select University-owned systems using the UD Kace systems management device. An application icon should be on your Windows Start menu or in your macOS Applications folder. Look for Code42 CrashPlan.

If you believe that CrashPlan should be installed on your University-owned system and the icon does not appear, contact the IT Support Center, emailing, or calling (302) 831-6000.

Initial set up

  1. Start CrashPlan.
    • Windows: Double-click the Code42 CrashPlan icon in the start menu.
    • macOS: Click the Code42 CrashPlan icon in the Applications folder.
  2. Type your UDelNet ID on the Code42 sign in screen. Then click Sign In to be taken to the UD CAS login screen.
    CrashPlan Login: Enter your UDelNet ID or UD email address
    • Your user name is your full UD email address.
    • If clicking Sign In does not take you to the UD CAS login screen, your UDelNet ID is not recognized. Contact your departmental or college IT staff for assistance.
  3. On the standard UD CAS login screen, log in using your UDelNet ID and password, and, on the next screen, provide your 2FA code. (Information about UD two-factor authentication [2FA])
  4. On the first Code42 CrashPlan screen, select Add New Device.
    Message: Looks like this device has never backed up. Are you adding a new device or replacing an existing device" message with Add New Device and Replace Existing buttons

CrashPlan will immediately begin backing up your user account. (I.e., all files in the Windows directory C:\Users\Your Username or all macOS files in your account's "home" directory).

Crash Plan backup in progress.

CrashPlan will back up your files automatically from now on, without you needing to log in.


Adding additional directories to the backup set

You may not modify the default backup configuration; however, you may add additional directories or drives to the "backup set" CrashPlan will back up.

  1. Open Code 42 CrashPlan.
  2. Select the device you wish to modify by selecting Details.

.Backup progress shows. Details and Get Files buttons are available.

  1. To add additional backup sets, click on the down arrow next to your machine name and select Add backup set.
    Select Add backup set: Machine name with down arrow is on left

  2. On the Add Backup Set window, click the Change... button on the File Selection line.
    Click Change on same line as File Selection

  3. You can select other drives by clicking on your machine name under Create Backup Selection.
    Create Backup
  4. Add locations by using the checkboxes next to the icons of folders you want to back up. You may add as many folders (directories) as you like. You may also remove directories by unchecking selections. Then click the Save button.
  5. You must then select a destination.
    • Selecting UDCloud1 will add this backup set to the unlimited cloud storage provided by the University.
      Select a Destination and click Save
    • You may also click Add Local Destination to select a local destination. 
  6. Click Save to retain your selection and return to the previous pages.


Installing CrashPlan on additional devices

The University contract allows each user to backup up to four devices and allows unlimited storage per device. For further details, please contact your IT Professional or the IT Support Center, emailing, or calling (302) 831-6000.


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