Canvas and WordPress Guest Accounts FAQ



How can I get access to Canvas or WordPress at the University of Delaware?

To be granted access to Canvas or WordPress, you are required to have a sponsor. Full-time University of Delaware faculty and staff are authorized to sponsor guest accounts.


What can I do with a guest account?

Guest accounts are provided to external contributors in support of work or activities related to the University of Delaware (i.e. research, guest speaking engagements, projects collaboration, auditing, etc.). Guests must comply with our Responsible Computing Policy at all times.


What happens when I get invited by a UD sponsor?

  1. You will get an email invitation from your sponsor. Follow the link provided in the email to start your registration process:

    Guest Account Notification email message with link to set up guest account.

  2. You will be asked to type your email address and choose a display name:

    Confirmation window with email, first/middle/last name, and suffice fields.

  3. You will be asked to set a password:

    Set password window with password criteria (length and character types).

  4. You will be asked to answer security questions. The answers you provide will be used if you need to change your password:

    Choose my Security Questions Window

  5. A confirmation screen will appear.
  1. The invited guest will receive a confirmation email:

Guest Account Created email


How can I log in to Canvas or WordPress?

Once your guest account is active, and after your sponsor has added your account to one or more sites, you will be able to log in to Canvas or WordPress thorugh one of the following URLs:

  1. Canvas:
  2. WordPress:


What can I do if I forget my password?

You can go to the password reset page and follow the necessary steps to set a new password.


Additional questions and support

If you have questions regarding your account or how to use Canvas or WordPress, contact your sponsor first ot make sure your account is active and that you were given the right sites. Your sponsor can also reset your password or change your access to different services if necessary.

Additional questions can be addressed to the IT Support Center.