Adding Users to a WordPress Site

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Users MUST have an account created on before they can be added to your WordPress site.

Site administrators can add new users by following these steps.

  • From your site’s Dashboard, select Users → Add New.

  • In the Add Existing User section, type the user’s complete UD email address ( in the Email or Username field.

  • Select the appropriate Role for the user. (See WordPress User Roles for more information.)

If you require a large number of additional users, submit a service request form or email

Adding Guest Accounts

Guests who need access to WordPress will need a sponsored guest account. Retired faculty and staff also require sponsored guest accounts for access to WordPress. More information on how a user can create a guest account can be found in the article Sponsor Canvas@UD and WordPress@UD Guest Accounts.

Once a guest account is created, you must create a WordPress account for it by following the instructions to create a personal account. Site administrators can then add the account to sites, or if you need assistance being added to sites you previously managed, you may submit a service request form or email


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