Creating a WordPress Account

Faculty, staff, and students have access to UD’s WordPress hosted by CampusPress. For security reasons, other members of the UD community who need access to a WordPress site will have to create Guest Accounts.

Creating Your Personal Account

The first time you log in to WordPress, a personal account will be created for you.

On, you’ll see a gray bar across the top of the page. On the far left of this bar, click Log In. You will be directed to CAS to log in with your UDelNet ID and prompted to complete Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Your personal site will be

Once your account has been created, you may be added to additional WordPress sites, which will appear under My Sites on the gray bar.

Creating an Account for a Group

University departments, units, faculty, and labs can request a site with a custom domain or custom directory name. You may submit a service request form or email (It is preferred that RSOs use StUDent Central for a web presence.)

Your request should include the url you would like to use and any administrators you would like added to the site. The site url should be longer than 8 characters or include a hyphen to differentiate it from a UDelNet ID. Administrators should already have personal accounts created.

Creating a Guest Account

Guests who need access to WordPress will need a sponsored guest account. Retired faculty and staff also require sponsored guest accounts for access to WordPress. More information on how a user can create a guest account can be found in the article Sponsor Canvas@UD and WordPress@UD Guest Accounts.

Once a guest account is created, you must create a WordPress account for it by following the instructions to create a personal account. Site administrators can then add the account to sites, or if you need assistance being added to sites you previously managed, you may submit a service request form or email


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