Supervisor's checklist for new faculty and staff

Computer Hardware and Software

  1. Check that the new employee's computer is configured to be able to carry out work responsibilities. See Computing Purchases: Buy Institutional for recommended configurations for departments, colleges and administrative units, and the purchase of hardware, software and peripherals for the institution.
  2. Make sure the new employee's computer can connect to the UD network.
  3. Contact your departmental IT Professional if the employee needs to access a departmental server or network printer.
  4. If you are purchasing a computer, have your departmental IT Professional set it up, or submit a Request for computer setup and configuration.

System Access and Authorization

  1. Verify with your HR liaison that the new permanent employee is in the Human Resources System.
  2. Direct the permanent employee to obtain an ID card.
  3. For a non-permanent employee, request a department sponsored account by completing the Request a UD Account Form.
  4. Does the new employee require access to any of the UD Administrative Systems: UD Human Resources, UD Student Information (UDSIS) and UD Financial Systems? If so, complete the required web form(s). You must log in to access the forms.

Phone and Voicemail

  1. If the employee requires a new phone set or phone line, send a request to Telephone Services. Include a contact name and the location for the new service.
  2. If an existing phone is being used, request that the voice mailbox be reinitialized.

Does the new employee have computing support responsibilities in your department?


Review the New Faculty/Staff Checklist with the employee.


Additional information for UD faculty and staff

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