Welcome new employees: checklist for new faculty and staff

Use the following checklist to begin using services offered by Information Technologies.

  1. Check with your supervisor about the items on the supervisor's checklist for new faculty/staff.

  2. Set up your voice mail.

  3. Review the following information:

  4. Protect your computer.
    Check with your department's tech support on the security of your computer, or refer to our protect and clean your computer instructions.

  5. Install UD-licensed software as needed from UDeploy.
    UDeploy offers UD-licensed and UD-customized software for University and employee-owned computers. Restrictions vary depending on the software title and the license.
  6. Access your email.
    If your department uses its own email server or the central Exchange server, contact your department's tech support for help setting up your email.

    Otherwise, you will automatically use Gmail through Google Apps at UD. You will have access to your University email from any Web browser, but you may also use a desktop client (e.g., MacOS X Mail, Thunderbird).

    If you prefer to use a different email address for University correspondence, customize your directory listing with the email address you would like to use.

    A UD faculty or staff spouse is eligible for a UD ONEcard, provided the University-affiliated individual is eligible. For spousal UD Account requests, please have the University-affiliated individual complete the Request Spouse ID Card form.

    Beware of Phishing!
    Regardless of the email server and client you use, you will NEVER be asked to confirm account information to keep your account alive - by the University of Delaware or any other legitimate entity. If you receive a message that asks for your UDelNet ID and/or password, delete it immediately.
  7. Connect your other computers to the UD network.
    Follow the steps below to connect your laptop or home computer to the UD network.

Connect your laptop

Follow the instructions to connect your computer to the University's network.

Connect your home computer

Follow the instructions to connect your home computer using Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software.

To use VPN, you will need to be enrolled for two-factor authentication (2FA). This security measure protects your information against hackers and scammers by requiring two methods of identification every time you log in using your UDelNet ID and password.

The first is your UDelNet ID and password, the second is a randomly generated code that you receive at login. The code can be automatically generated using the Google Authenticator app, a text or voice message, or a University-issued fob (available for a fee of $18.60 per fob).

It is recommended that you use 2FA to protect yourself and your personally identifiable information (PII). For more information and to sign up for 2FA, please visit the University's 2FA overview page.

If you use your own ISP for your home computer, you will be prompted once per session to authenticate with your UDelNet ID and password (see Proxy FAQ) to access resources from the UD library.

  1. Find more information about Web-based teaching and learning.
    Learn about Canvas@UD, our Web-based learning management system.
  2. Contact the IT department for help or assistance.
    Refer to the following links for information about using technology at UD.
Using technology at UD: information links
Academic Technology Services Explore technology-based teaching and learning options
Computer Security at the University of Delaware Computer security news, tools, and configuration checklists
Faculty Commons Answers for teaching and technology questions, resources, etc.
Helpful information for UD faculty/staff Links and phone numbers to important resources at UD
IT Support Center UDIT services and help with computing issues
Online course evaluations for faculty Receive student feedback on courses
UD PO Box Send mail to groups of people (e.g., by class, major, or classification)
UD Student Information Services (UDSIS) Training, contacts, instructions, and tutorials
University Media Services Help with technology in the classroom

If you would like to schedule an appointment with IT-CS&S to clean, diagnose, or tune up your computer, please call (302) 831-6000 to schedule an appointment. Please note that there is a fee for this service. See the IT computer cleanup policy.


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