How to register student iClickers

The combination of iClicker remote ID + Student UDID + class roster must be unique.

  • Log in to Canvas,, and select the tab for a course using clickers.

  • Click iclicker in the left navigation panel.

  • Enter the iClicker ID located on the back of the remote immediately below the bar code. Letters are not case sensitive. 

  • Click Register. That’s it. One registration associates the clicker to you for all classes also using Canvas@UD for the entire semester. The registration database is periodically reset. Sign-in and click on the iclicker tool to confirm that remotes from the previous semester are still registered to you. 


i>clicker registration tool in Canvas at UD

Students can register more than one clicker. 

  • If your roommate has a different class schedule, but also owns a clicker, you can each register both clickers in case they get mixed up. 

  • Students can share remotes with a friend/roommate as long as they are not using a single i>clicker in the same course.

Disable registration if you no longer own an i>clicker remote (e.g., you lose, break, or sell your i>clicker). 

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