Sample syllabus blurbs to introduce iClickers.

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For All Classes

iClickers will be used regularly to promote learning in this class. Bring your clicker to class every day to obtain full credit for the activities that use them. For more info about clickers, visit: In keeping with UD’s Code of Conduct related to cheating, attempts to use more than one clicker per class period are subject to academic dishonesty ramifications. 

For classes that use Canvas 

Register your clicker using the link available in our Canvas course. Refer to the illustration below to see the registration interface. One registration provides information to all your instructors in classes using iClickers and Canvas. It’s best to unregister, “Remove,” any clickers you no longer bring to class. e.g. lost, broken, or sold clickers.


Use this link to access a more detailed version of the student registration process that you may wish to link from your course syllabus. 


How to register student iClickers

The combination of iClicker remote ID + Student UDID + class roster must be unique.

  • Log in to Canvas,, and select the tab for a course using clickers.

  • Click iClicker in the left navigation panel.

  • Enter the iClicker ID located on the back of the remote immediately below the bar code. Letters are not case sensitive. 

  • Click Register. That’s it. One registration associates the clicker to you for all classes also using Canvas@UD for the entire semester. The registration database is periodically reset. Sign-in and click on the iclicker tool to confirm that remotes from the previous semester are still registered to you. 


i>clicker registration tool in Canvas at UD

Students can register more than one clicker. 

  • If your roommate has a different class schedule, but also owns a clicker, you can each register both clickers in case they get mixed up. 

  • Students can share remotes with a friend/roommate as long as they are not using a single i>clicker in the same course.

Remove registration if you no longer own an i>clicker remote (e.g., you lose, break, or sell your i>clicker). 

More questions? See iClicker Software and Learning Resources.


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