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Answers to general iClicker questions are found on the student section. If you don’t see an answer to your question below, contact us for prompt assistance.

I’m new to iClicker and using a Mac running a newer operating system. I’m getting an error message and can’t launch iClicker?

The Issue: MacOS security has been increased so that applications running from an untrusted folder on the computer are stopped.

The Solution: Any folder you make on your computer is trusted. After downloading the iClicker program move the necessary files into a new folder you create. Step-by-step instructions follow.

  1. Download the >clicker software:
  2. Create a new folder on your macOS system.
  3. Copy the iClicker.app file (only) from inside the downloaded folder.
  4. Paste the iClicker.app file into the folder you created on your macOS system.
  5. Open the i>Clicker app in your new folder.
    • This step will automatically create a Resources folder and other files.
  6. Copy the 3 XML files: Config, global_config, and  LMS_Wizard, out of the Resources folder from the folder you unzipped in step 1.

          NOTE: DO NOT copy the ‘Deleted Classes’ folder as that is not a trusted folder you have created.

  1. Paste the 3 XML files into the folder your created in step 2.

Students asked me about using a web/phone app. What should I tell them?

The iClicker Cloud application integrated with REEF web polling. If an instructor wishes to enable Mobile/web polling, please contact Sandy McVey, smilee@udel.edu, Academic Technology Services.The conversation about whether open web access during class has positive or negative effects on student learning is ongoing. Some faculty require that students use a device not connected to the web that is designed specifically for in-class polling. It is important that students understand that individual faculty determine whether alternative devices will be permitted to submit iClicker polling entries during class. Even though web clicker submissions are allowed in one class, a traditional iClicker remote may be required in another.

Can students have more than one clicker actively registered?

Yes, as long as another student in the same class doesn’t have the same clicker actively registered. The combination of [UDID + iClickerID + class roster] must be unique.

What if I suspect that two UDID numbers are sharing the same clickerID number?

Instruct both students to Remove clickers they no longer own through the Canvas tool. Refer them to this video if they have questions. You will need to Synchronize through iclicker Gradebook and import a fresh copy of the roster after the students complete the task.

My student’s iClicker id number rubbed off. How can they register it?

The clicker id number is often printed on a sticker inside the battery compartment of each device. The batteries must be removed to see the sticker. If the inside sticker is missing you can start an iClicker session and have the student vote. Close iClicker and open the iClicker Gradebook. The clickerid will show appear as the only response in the Gradebook column.

I’d like to use clickers at a conference or departmental meeting. Do you have loaner kits?

Yes, we have kits with 20 to 50 remotes that UD faculty can borrow. Contact Academic Technology Services.

What options do you recommend if I’d rather encourage students to use their own phones or laptops to participate in class polls?

Please see our comparison chart of recommended classroom polling alternatives.


How do I change my clicker’s frequency?

If your instructor chooses to broadcast on a different frequency than the default of AA you can follow the directions printed on the label on the backside of your clicker to change it. Press the power button on your remote until the blue light (on an original iClicker) or the 2-character frequency (on the lcd screen of the iClicker2) flashes. Enter the 2-character frequency being used in your current class. When the original i>clicker is powered off the device defaults back to the standard frequency of AA. The iClicker2 saves the frequency change. If you use an iClicker2 in another class remember to switch the frequency as needed.

How much does an iClicker2 cost?

At the UD Bookstore iClicker2 costs range from $48 for new remote purchases, to $37 for used remote purchases. The iClicker2 is often bundled with a textbook at a reduced price. The iClicker2 can be used in all of your classes using this technology. iClickers may be purchased wherever textbooks are sold. Check the UD Classifieds for student-to-student sales.

How do I register my clicker?

iClicker packaging and labels encourage purchasers to register at iclicker.com. Students at the University of Delaware should NOT follow that instruction. If your instructor uses Canvas, login and register using the iClicker link on the left-hand menu. If the iclicker link is not visible, please notify your instructor. One registration relates the clicker to you in all courses using iClicker and that course management system. Registrations remain active and carry over from previous semesters. If your instructor doesn’t use a course management system they’ll run the Roll Call feature during class.

I have two classes using clickers. Can I use the same one?

Yes, you can use the same clicker in multiple classes.

I can’t make it to class on a day we’re using clickers. Can I give it to my friend and have them vote for me?

Absolutely not. The University of Delaware’s Code of Conduct pertaining to Academic Honesty specifically addresses this situation in section C. Cheating, articles v and vi.

Can I use my original iClicker?


Yes. Both the original iClicker and iClicker2 remotes can be used to respond to multiple choice (A-E) questions. Indicators suggest that the vast majority of clicker questions are multiple choice even though text and numeric entry is an option. We anticipate the original iClicker will be in circulation on campus for several years. Instructors are encouraged to follow the strategies recommended for classes with a blend of devices.

I have a roommate with a clicker and now I don’t know which one is mine. How can I tell?

Check the device ID number on the label on the back of the clicker. If your instructor uses Canvas, login and to determine which device is yours by comparing the id numbers. Consider labeling your clicker with a permanent marker or a sticker to tell them apart.

Can I share my clicker?

Yes, roommates/friends can share a clicker IF THEY AREN’T IN THE SAME CLASS where clickers are used.

Can I change my mind if I’ve already voted?

You can recast your vote as long as the poll is open. Once the poll is closed, no changes will be accepted.

Can I participate in clicker polls if my vision is impaired?

Yes, iClicker offers remotes with Braille markings that help visually impaired students locate the answer buttons. Contact ATS if you need an iClicker designed for accessibility.

What if I lose my clicker?

Buy or borrow another clicker. Be sure to register it to receive credit for responses with that remote.

What batteries should I use?

Two AAA batteries for iClicker2, or three AAA for the original iClicker, are expected to last for 300 hours of polling.

What if my clicker stops working?

If fresh batteries don’t solve your problem take recently purchased defective clickers to the UD Bookstore for exchange.

What if my clicker gets turned on in my backpack?

The clicker will turn itself off automatically after 5 minutes if it doesn’t detect an active polling session. Once a session is in progress, the clicker will stay on for 90 minutes after the last response unless manually turned off by pressing the power button.

I accidentally hit the power button during class and turned off the clicker. Will this mess up my answers?

As long as the clicker in on when you vote your answer will register. Because the device ID is linked to your responses in that class it doesn’t matter if the remote is powered off between answers as long as the instructor is using the standard AA frequency. If you turn off your clicker during class and your instructor is using a different frequency you’ll need to reset it if you’re using the original iClicker (without the lcd screen). The directions to change frequency are on the back of the remote.

How do I join a session? Just power on your clicker and participate.

There’s no need to search for a channel and join a session. If your instructor chooses to broadcast on a different frequency they’ll display the channel and you can follow the directions printed on the back side of your clicker to change the frequency. When the original iClicker is powered off the device defaults back to the standard frequency of AA. The iClicker2 saves the frequency change. If you use an i>clicker2 in another class be sure to switch the frequency as needed.

I heard there’s a clicker web app. Can I use my iPhone instead of a clicker?

REEF polling can be used at faculty discretion. Your instructor will let you know if they are accepting web participation and how to set up an account. Web access licenses are available online or at the UD Bookstore. If you already own a standard iClicker there’s no need to purchase a web access license.