Web Page Publishing: Accessing Your Subdirectory on Copland

UDIT is deprecating hosting personal web pages on Copland as part of the migration of Copland to a new server. Existing personal webpages have been migrated and users can request access.

To publish a website, you must first access your subdirectory on the Copland Web server. Accessing a subdirectory requires you to download and install software that uses the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) or secure copy protocol (SCP).

Note: More information and detailed instructions about SFTP, SCP, SSH, and file transfers using WinSCP and Fetch can be found on the Connecting to Central UNIX Servers page.
  1. Download and install the appropriate software based on your computer's operating system:

    • Windows users can use WinSCP to access and transfer files into a subdirectory.
    • Mac users can use Fetch to access and transfer files into a subdirectory.
  2. Start the program and log in with the following information:

  • File protocol/Connect using: SFTP
  • Host name: copland.udel.edu
  • Port number: 22
  • User name: UDelNet ID (Do not include "@udel.edu" after your ID)
  • Password: Your UDelNet password
  1. Logging in will bring you to your personal home directory, named with a string of five digits. Within your home directory, you will find a folder named public_html. This is your subdirectory and will be the location of your site files.

public_html folder is indicated in the home directory

  1. After you've accessed your subdirectory, you can begin creating the HTML and CSS files that will form your website.


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