Publishing Your Website on Copland

UDIT is depreciating hosting personal web pages on Copland as part of the migration of Copland to a new server. Existing personal webpages have been migrated and users can request access.

After you've accessed your subdirectory and created your site's HTML and CSS files, you can upload the files to your subdirectory folder.

  1. Navigate to your subdirectory folder (public_html) from your SFTP/SCP client. See accessing your subdirectory for directions.
  2. Drag the site files into the subdirectory folder. Don't forget to include any subfolders (e.g., "images") and be sure your homepage is named index.html.
  3. Set the correct permission on every file, folder, and image so the "world" can see your site. The recommended permissions for a public site are:
    • Basic HTML/CSS documents: 644
    • HTML documents running a script or .include file: 755
    • Images: 664
    • Folders: 664

For more information, visit the permissions section in IT's WinSCP documentation. The information is applicable to all SFTP/SCP clients including Fetch, Dreamweaver, Coda, etc.

  1. After the files are in your subdirectory, you can view your site using Copland's URL syntax in your Web browser: ID/index.html


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