Publishing to the Copland Web Server

UDIT is deprecating hosting personal web pages on Copland as part of the migration of Copland to a new server. Existing personal webpages have been migrated and users can request access.

Faculty, staff, and students can publish static HTML websites (i.e., hand-coded HTML/CSS files) on Copland within their personal subdirectories. As of November 2, 2020, on or off campus access to ​​​​​requires a VPN connection. 

Follow the steps below to publish a website on Copland:

  1. Access your subdirectory. This is the folder on the Copland server where your website's files will "live." It is found within your private home directory.

  2. Create your website. There are several methods and applications you can use that require varying levels of coding expertise.

  3. Publish your website. Use a SFTP/SCP client to upload your site's files to your subdirectory.


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