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  • If you are a new eduroam user or have not used eduroam on a device since April 1, 2017, you must download and install the new Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to connect to eduroam. Follow the instructions on the eduroam help page.

    If you had used eduroam at UD before April 1, 2017 and haven't used it since, note that the first step in the directions is to have your computer or device "forget" your old eduroam configuration before installing the CAT.

  • Remove/forget both the old "UDel Secure" and old "UDel" networks for best experience. (Network Priority help file) UDel Secure was retired in 2017. UDel was retired in 2018.
  • Reports to the IT Support Center indicate that these are the most common reasons people fail to log in to eduroam successfully.
    • Only use your UDelNetID to log in to eduroam. Do not use your full UD email address to log in.
    • Have you mis-typed some part of your username?
    • People not using the CAT report certificate issues and errors.
    • Is the password entered correctly in the CAT setup?
    • Did you enter your password into the Login: box by mistake?
    • Did you change your UD password since you initially set up your device for eduroam? If so, you'll need to follow the directions on the eduroam help page to set up eduroam again--starting with "forgetting" (removing) the old eduroam profile--so that eduroam can use your new password.
  • Particularly for iOS devices, you need to run CAT with the default browser--Safari for iOS devices.
  • If all else fails, remove the eduroam profile, forget eduroam, and begin from scratch following the directions at the eduroam help page.
  • Don't join "rogue" or unauthorized Wi-Fi networks on campus. They may not be secure and can disrupt the prioritization that keeps eduroam stable. Official UD Wi-Fi networks: eduroam, UD Devices (browserless devices), UDel_Guest, UDel.
  • Some antivirus vendors (Norton in particular) will detect and report the CAT installer as a threat and remove it. You can safely bypass this by disabling antivirus on the CAT installer download.

UD Devices

  • If a device was connected to "UD Devices" before being registered on clearpass, it may get stuck in an invalid role and require IT staff to fix the registration.
  • All devices can't be "shared", the device and application must support multicast protocols like Bonjour, DIAL, DLNA, mDNS, Airgroup, etc. that are used in common devices like Wi-Fi printers, AppleTVs and Chromecasts.
  • Disabling (unchecking) the Default AirGroup Enable on Apple TVs, Chromecasts, and wireless printers will result in the device not working as expected.
  • If multiple people try to register the same device, people report seeing this error message: "This username is already in use."
  • Typos in the MAC address, the Wired Ethernet MAC address, or the Bluetooth MAC address will result in error messages like "unable to access internet" or "third-party network access failing."
  • Can't find the MAC address for your device? Consult this help page for more information.
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