Secure UD Training

Who can use it?

Faculty, Staff

What is it?

Secure UD Training is a security awareness resource that empowers University employees with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves, our community, and our University from cyber risks.

For more information, please visit:

Where to get it?

University of Delaware Information Technologies has partnered with Human Resources to offer Secure UD Training in ConnectingU, the University‚Äôs learning portal. 

To access Secure UD Training, automatically enrolled learners should:

  1. Navigate to www.udel/edu/connectingu
  2. Click Certificate Programs, then Secure UD Training
  3. Select a course, then click Launch

Note: Most staff and faculty members are automatically enrolled in Secure UD Training. Employees who are not automatically enrolled (AFSCME employees or undergraduate student workers), but would like to take Secure UD Training, should use these instructions to self-enroll.

How to use it?

Secure UD Training is released in two phases throughout the year and University employees are strongly encouraged to complete each phase of training as it becomes available.

After completing all of the Core courses, you will receive an email notification from (Learning System Administrator) with a Certificate of Completion. 

You also have access to the extended library of elective training modules, and you can complete any that interest you.

Unit heads may request a report of training completion within their units by clicking the Request Report button to the right.

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



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