Windows whole disk erase: Disk Eraser

  1. Insert your Parted Magic CD/DVD to load Parted Magic.
    NOTE: University drives should only be erased by an IT Professional or the IT Support Center.

    Parted Magic should only be downloaded and used by an IT Professional, or other qualified University department such as IT Client Support & Services. Incorrectly downloading and storing Parted Magic could result in damage to your device. Learn how to get and use this boot CD/DVD.

  2. Select Disk Eraser from the desktop by double-clicking.


  1. Select Internal: Secure Erase command writes zeroes to entire data area. and click Continue....
NOTE: If the program tells you the drive is not supported, follow the alternative directions.
  1. Check the device or disk drives you wish to securely erase and select OK.


  1. Type the recommended default “NULL” in the text field and select OK.


  1. Carefully read the ATA Secure Erase Attention warning before proceeding.


  1. Select Yes to begin the secure erase.

    NOTE: Allow approximately 40 to 330 minutes for Disk Eraser to completely erase the drive(s).

  2. If the secure erase was successful, the following message will appear:


NOTE: If you have tried the above, but got an error saying that Secure Erase is not supported in your drive, then you may use an alternate erasure method. Using this method for Solid State Drives (SSDs) is not recommended as it may decrease their lifespan.